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Best Lender is the credit organization that manages the Conforama card and all of the credits intended to finance purchases in Conforama stores. Best lender is therefore there to generally support the equipment in your home and its decoration with Conforama products.

Best lender: Conforama Card

Best lender: Conforama Card

The Conforama card can be used to finance your purchases with Best lender or cash. It is backed by a revolving credit managed by Facet.
In addition to your purchases, this card will allow you to:

  • To adjust your monthly payments up or down to adapt to your income or the balance of your budget
  • To request transfers directly to your bank account without taking out a new Best lender
  • Make 2 monthly deferrals per year in the event of a hardship

As of January 1, 2014, the Best lender rates for the revolving credit of your Conforama card ranged from 13.10% to 20.22% revisable APR. These Best lender rates are subject to legal usury rates.

If you are wondering if Best lender is the cheapest on the market, there is only one way to be sure: compare!

We have developed an exclusive questionnaire which will allow you to obtain a customized ranking in relation to your credit research. Once a quick questionnaire is completed, you will get the ranking of the 3 best credits corresponding to your project. You can therefore compare these credits with Best lender and make your choice with full knowledge.

Getting to know Best lender better

Getting to know Best lender better

The Conforama card is far from being the only Best lender. Indeed, Facet is a company which was created in partnership between Bankate and the Conforama stores. It therefore benefits from all Bankate know-how.

This is also the reason why the Conforama card is an Aurora card. But that’s not all. To diversify the Best lender offer, they decided to offer more conventional personal credit such as a car loan or even the repurchase of credits. The objective is to be able to offer a full range of Best lender to holders of the Conforama card. At the same time, the Conforama card and the Best lender that goes with it must be one of the most widespread credit cards in France.

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