More than $8 million in outside cash has been spent in congressional primaries since qualifying

Outside political committees have spent more than $8 million on independent campaigns in the US Senate and Congressional elections in Florida since Qualifiers Day in June.

The expenses include more than $1.7 million spent by two groups to support Republican State Sen. by Aaron Bean bid in Florida’s 4th congressional district, and more than $1 million spent primarily by one group supporting the Democratic organizer Maxwell Alejandro Frost in Florida’s 10th congressional district.

Since Election Qualifying Day on June 17, outside groups have spent $283,000 attacking the Democratic US representative. Val Demings in the US Senate contest while others spent $100,000 to support the Republican US senator’s re-election. Marco Rubio.

Very little outside money has come to Demings’ defense, at least through the latest reports filed with the Federal Election Commission, which were released last Friday.

Between $100,000 and $1 million was spent supporting or opposing seven other candidates in five other congressional contests in Florida.

This campaign advertising goes beyond what each candidate has spent on their official campaigns. Federal law prohibits coordination between campaigns and outside groups, so outside spending theoretically comes as a surprise bonus to whatever the campaigns plan to do.

Among the significant independent expenses to date:

— In the race for the United States Senate, First project in Florida spent $283,000 this summer on ads against Demings. The National Victory Action Fund spent $100,000 on online and email advertising to support Rubio.

The only support Demings has received so far is around $53,000 from text messaging and online ads placed by let america vote Political Action Committee to support her, and approximately $3,000 in online ads and text messaging from End Citizens United attacking Rubio.

— In Florida’s 3rd congressional district, Americans for Prosperity spent $206,000 on direct mail, canvassing and digital ads to support the re-election of Republican US Rep. Kat Cammack.

— In CD 4, the Keep Florida Red PAC spent $914,000 on direct mail and other advertisements supporting Bean. Federal Action of the American Dream PAC spent $824,000 on television, direct mail and digital advertising to support Bean.

– In CD 7, four groups each spent tens of thousands of dollars on direct mail and digital advertising to support the Republican state representative. Antoine Sabatini, while another group spent $105,000 in mailings against him. Pro-Sabatini spending came from Protect Freedom PAC$69,000; FreedomWorks for America$60,000; American Principles Project CAP, $53,000; and Advanced freedom CAP, $41,000.

American Liberty Action PAC spent $105,000 to attack Sabatini. There is no clear indication if this PAC is aligned with any of the other seven Republicans running in CD 7.

— In CD 10, Protect our future PAC spent $913,000 on TV and digital advertising to support Frost, while the fatty HCC PAC spent $65,000 on digital ads. The Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC spent $33,000 on Frost-supporting shippers.

— In CD 13, two Republican candidates, Anna Paulina Luna and Kevin Hayslettboth attracted both support and attack publicity from outside groups.

Club for Growth Action spent $512,000 on TV, radio, digital and mail ads supporting Luna. The good women PAC spent $50,000 on digital ads supporting Luna. The Home Freedom Fund spent $21,000 on email and postal ads to support Luna.

Club for Growth Action also spent $750,000 on TV, radio, digital and mail ads attacking Haslett.

Stand for Florida spent $552,000 on various media supporting Haslett.

Stand for Florida also spent $35,000 on senders and SMS attacking Luna, and Florida First Values ​​PAC spent $24,800 on senders attacking him.

– In Florida’s 15th Congressional District, former Republican Secretary of State Laura Lee and Republican state senator. Kelli Stargel have each received more than half a million dollars in support from outside groups. Stargel and Republican State Representative. Jackie Toledo were attacked by outside groups.

Lee benefited from $621,000 in TV, mail and digital ads placed by Conservative Action Fundand an additional $262,000 in television, mail and digital advertising and canvassing support for the Americans for Prosperity Action fund.

Stargel’s bid was boosted by $689,000 in media placements, direct mail and digital advertising from Conservative Warriors CAP.

The Conservative Action Fund also spent $36,000 on shippers attacking Stargel.

Toledo only attracted $13,000 in outside support, text messaging from Designing America’s Future.

The conservative Warriors PAC spent $34,000 on shippers attacking Toledo.

Between $50,000 and $100,000 in outside money was poured in to support the Republican United States Representative. by John Rutherford re-election bid in Florida’s 5th congressional district, Republican Brady Duke in Florida’s 7th congressional district and Republican Laura Loomer in Florida’s 11th congressional district.

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