Planning to book a vacation at the end of summer? Check Out These Tips To Save Money


FORT WAYNE, Indiana (WANE) – As COVID-19 restrictions have eased significantly this summer, more Americans are venturing out on vacation.

“People feel more comfortable going out, vacations are definitely on the mind, whether you are on a jet set or going somewhere in the area,” said Rebecca Gramugli , a consumer expert. “People are ready to travel and do fun things with their family or themselves. “

A survey by found that 50% of Americans report spending increases over the summer, with 39% using money for family vacations.

As families plan trips and ramp up their spending, here are some tips for saving money this summer:

“Whether it’s a week in advance, two weeks, a month, months in advance, planning ahead is always essential when booking a trip,” Gramugli said. “Anything you can do to take vacation stress away that can save you money is really important. “

Gramulgi suggested researching nearby restaurants and, if you can, purchasing discounted gift cards ahead of time. The same goes for all excursions. This way, travelers can avoid daily charges.

Another suggestion from Gramulgi is to plan your luggage so that you don’t have to pay baggage fees at the airport.

  • Don’t assume you’re getting the best deal.

Gramulgi said travelers should take advantage of the money-saving cash back sites to get additional discounts for their travel.

“We’re big fans of the savings stack, that means seeing if there are any additional promotions, coupon codes, anything you can add,” Gramulgi said.

Vacationers can also install money-saving tools on their computers, such as a browser extension. Once installed, the extension will notify buyers when cashback offers are available and can be requested, according to Gramulgi.

“Having an extension that can show up and notify you when you were on a site where you can earn money or any other similar promo code, makes it a lot easier to click a few buttons and that applies and you shop like you would normally, ”Gramulgi said.

  • Use an incognito browser.

It’s common for third-party websites to use your search history, previous purchases, and cookies to inflate the prices of flights and hotels you’ve had your eye on.

To avoid this, just open an incognito browser when searching for travel deals.

“If you see a good deal online, maybe check it out in incognito mode and see if there is a difference, and that way you can make the best decision for you and your family when you go. vacation, ”said Gramulgi.

  • Look for travel credit cards with signup bonuses.

Gramulgi’s last suggestion was to look at travel credit cards that offer significant signup bonuses to help save money and pay for your vacation.

Travelers should also be sure to consult their credit card provider’s rewards program before planning their vacation to learn how to use their miles or reward points in all aspects of their trip.

Always check the conditions of the sign-up bonuses.


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